(WYTV)- This comes to us from the BBC and an interview with a Scottish chemistry professor and also through the website Mental Floss.

Some of us really love cold pizza, in fact, if you’re a pizza lover, you’ll munch it hot or cold.
But there’s something about it cold, you have to look at the molecular structure of the food to find out why.

Dr. Maureen Cooper of Stirling University in Scotland points out that pizza usually has three distinct layers: the dough, the tomato sauce and the cheese. And they stay separate after you put the pizza in the refrigerator.

This keeps the water in the tomato sauce from making the bread soggy, and the water also prevents the fats and oils from the cheese soaking into the bread. And consider the aroma, the garlic, herbs and onions.

In a hot pizza, these flavors will separate, but after it’s cooled off, those flavors tend to settle down and blend together, complementing one another. Now take something like french fries: they’re not tasty cold.

When French fries are hot, the starch inside retains water, it’s hydrated so it tastes good. But once they cool down, that water evaporates, and the taste goes right along with it.

Also, hot french fries have a great aroma, but when they’re cold, the smell is largely gone.

Without that smell, a lot of the flavor disappears, too.