(WYTV)- Haven’t been away on vacation yet?

You may notice a few things disappearing from your hotel room…if not now, then soon.
Many hotels are cutting down on plastic waste by no longer offering those small bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Marriott and Disney resorts and cruises, for example, plan to replace these small toiletries with large bottles.
How those those big dresser drawers? Going, going, and custom closet organizers are replacing them.

It allows for more space in the room and a more modern look. Bathtubs are going, too, by taking away the tub, there’s more space within the bathroom for families, but some luxury hotels and resorts still offer tubs. Will your sheets and towels be changed each day?

Doing laundry less often is one way to conserve water and energy use, the norm is becoming this: change sheets every third day for longer stays and towels every two or three if the guests are okay with that.
Many hotels are cutting back or eliminating room service….or redefining it, offering new dining options with family style and community meals.

Hilton, Grand Hyatt and Marriott are taking out their minibars. Some hotels feature bar carts instead of the traditional minibars. The cart is ready for you with your favorite alcohol and wine.

On-demand movie rentals are disappearing because smart TV’s can stream Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.
Guests actually expect Wi-Fi so they can experience their own music and movies on their own devices.

And phones used to be a big money-maker for hotels but that was long before the cellphone. Cellphones mean in-room phones are becoming a thing of the past, especially in the smaller hotels.