(WYTV)- A word to anyone waiting on tables: candy helps.

The Journal of Applied Social Psychology reported on a study that looked at the impact of an after dinner treat. Your server leaves on the table or offers you before you pay your bill.

In the experiment, the server did one of four things: he or she would offer nothing, just hand over the check.
In the second case, the server had a small wicker basket full of Hershey’s miniature chocolates and told the diners, take one piece, please.

In the third case, the server would say, take two pieces, if you like. And in the fourth version of the experiment, the server would offer one piece then turn and start to walk away but then would stop, go back to the table and offer a second piece.

What were the results?

A little candy can go a long way. Offering one piece of candy brought tips that were 3% larger than no candy at all. Offer two pieces and the tips were 14 percent larger than no candy.

And when the server offered one piece of candy, walked away, and then came back to offer the second? That produced the biggest tips of all: 21% larger than diners who weren’t given any treats.

Those diners, they got a chocolate and the server came back with a second, they said they felt special, they got this extra, personal gesture.

We appreciate it when people are unexpectedly kind to us,just a simple piece of candy, or two, with a restaurant check can make a difference.