(WYTV)- In this country we put a warning label about the dangers of smoking on the cigarette package, we’ve been doing that for years.

In Canada and in the United Kingdom, you’ll find photos of diseased lungs on the package wrappers. Canada may go a step further. Business Insider tells us the Canadians are thinking of forcing cigarette makers to put a warning on each cigarette, you’ll get scolded every time you take a drag.

Canada’s Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Carolyn Bennett, has just come up with this suggestion. She wants the warning impossible to ignore: each Canadian cigarette would carry these words: “Poison in every puff.”

Canada began putting graphic pictures on its cigarette packs 20 years ago but Bennett says they may have lost their impact, another black lung, ho hum. The Canadian health system says 48,000 Canadians die each year because they’ve smoked…and about ten percent of the population are smokers.

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control says smoking claims one in five deaths each year.
Back to Canada: the country will have 75 days to talk over this new each cigarette warning and it would start in 2023

Canada wants to cut the number of smokers from ten to five percent by 2035.