Can summer weather trigger a migraine?


(WYTV) – Could the heat and humidity of summer trigger migraines? Some people who get them appear to be more sensitive to the weather.

For some, extreme weather conditions may cause imbalances in brain chemicals and that can lead to the severe, throbbing pain of a migraine headache.

Neurologists say migraine sufferers should keep one thing close by in the summer — a bottle of water.

“In the summertime when it’s really hot outside, a lot of people forget to maintain adequate hydration and dehydration can certainly be a risk for migraine attacks to happen,” said Dr. Rashmi Singh, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic.

Many people with migraines feel that sunlight glare can trigger the pain. Other weather triggers include high humidity, extreme heat and dry air.

If you can, avoid extremes in summer weather and in your everyday schedule.

It’s also good to be consistent with your eating and sleep habits. Sometimes not sleeping enough or sleeping too much can be a migraine trigger.

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