YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – We were superstitious about our reflections long before we invented the mirror.

The ancient Greeks believed it was unlucky to see your reflection, but not the Romans: they used highly polished metal surfaces as mirrors.

But why seven years of bad luck if you break one?

Again, it goes back to the Romans: they believed life’s changes happen in seven-year cycles.

Another explanation: the cost of a new mirror would equal seven years of a servant’s work, should that servant be unlucky enough to damage a mirror while cleaning it.

Some people believe that a mirror reflects more than just your appearance; it also reflects your soul, and with the soul in pieces, it cannot fully protect its body from harm.

Here’s how to handle a broken mirror to minimize your bad luck: get rid of the pieces immediately.

Holding onto the shards will increase your bad luck.

Put the pieces in a bag and bury them, if you can, beneath a full moon. Or grind the mirror fragments into a fine powder.

How about just breaking glass?

According to some English superstitions, breaking glass is a death omen.

But a Greek tradition says breaking plates at a celebration will ward off evil spirits, and stomping on a wine glass is an important Jewish wedding tradition.