(WYTV) – You’re about to take a long plane ride; is there a best time to visit the restroom?

Actually, yes.

Flight attendants will tell you that passengers have one ideal slice of time to take care of business once they’re on the plane: go before the plane takes off.

Cleaners go through the restroom before every flight, so you’ll get a restroom that’s fresh, and there’s no turbulence.

Won’t this idea occur to everyone?

No, they’ll wait. Passengers boarding are more focused on finding their seats and getting settled than hitting the john.

If you find yourself having to go after takeoff, time it just before drink service.

Once people start drinking, they’ll line up outside the stall. That, and the beverage cart could block you in the aisle.

It’s all much better than the good old days when pilots and passengers usually had to settle for a slosh bucket.

James Kemper invented the modern airplane toilet system in 1970 using a pneumatic vacuum, in other words, a suction.

When you press the flush button, everything flashes through plumbing to the rear of the plane and into sealed tanks until the plane lands.

Then, the “honey truck” siphons out the waste and dumps it into the airport’s underground sewage system.