(WYTV)- We want to give you a heads up on the holidays asking, when is the best time to buy a real Christmas tree?

Some of us start before Thanksgiving. Let’s try to balance cost against the time it will be up in your living room.

Typically, the most popular tree-buying time is the first weekend after Thanksgiving..and it will be pricey then. Families like to visit a tree farm together and holiday weekends are a fun time to do that.

What did you pay for yours last year? $75, $80? Add ten percent to that this year. The cost should go down a bit by the first week in December.

The National Christmas Tree Association says the first week in December is the time when trees are perfectly priced. They’re less expensive than the day after Thanksgiving and you still have weeks to enjoy them.

And go out to that tree farm on a weekday, not a weekend. It’ll be easier, you’ll run into fewer people.

If you find a pre-Thanksgiving deal, you can always store your tree in a garage until you’re ready to put it up.

But you’ll still need to water it.