Best states to visit for vacation


(WYTV) – Planning a vacation this year? Somewhere by car? Somewhere in the United States? The website WalletHub did a survey of all 50 states, then ranked the states from best to worst.

The survey looked at three areas — the cost of gasoline, of staying at a hotel or campground, food and car repairs. It looked at safety — how are the roads and bridges? What about crime rates and uninsured drivers? Then WalletHub looked at things to do — what attractions does the state offer? National parks, fairs, festivals, the seashore?

Here’s the rundown. The top five states to enjoy a road trip are New York, followed by Texas, Louisiana, Maine and North Carolina. On this list, Ohio is 17th and Pennsylvania is 18th.

Ohio, by the way, is the second cheapest for car repairs after Vermont.

The states that are not as much fun to tour include Rhode Island as the worst state for a road trip, with Delaware and Connecticut just behind.

If you just want to drive around, Louisiana has the lowest gas prices in the country, while California has the highest.

Just want to go camping? Mississippi is the place to be and for national parks, forget Illinois.

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