Be careful when handling live chickens


(WYTV) – Please don’t kiss your chickens — don’t even give them a hug. Resist the temptation to snuggle with your hens.

This warning comes to us straight from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Why can’t we show a little affection toward our birds?

The CDC found 163 cases of salmonella poisoning in 43 states — all of them linked to humans getting too close to their chickens in their backyard coops. That includes touching, petting or even kissing a chicken.

It carries the risk of contracting the bacteria, which is common in chickens. In you, it can cause diarrhea and fever.

A chicken can look perfectly healthy just clucking away, but the bird can hide salmonella on its feathers, beak, feet and in its droppings.
Anyone touching a chicken, their eggs or anything in their environment, then their own mouth gives the bacteria a great chance to spread.

A third of those 163 cases involve children. Tell them to wash their hands and avoid touching their face, and to take off the shoes they wore in the coop before coming into the house.

A lot of people tried to raise chickens during the pandemic just in case something happened to our food supply. One company selling chickens in California saw business jump 400%.

Then we also saw salmonella cases jump across the country.

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