(WYTV)- The Lake Superior State University in Michigan is back with its list of words or expressions we should ban in 2022.

The university has been doing this since 1976 to “uphold, protect, and support excellence in language”.
Here’s the list:

1. Wait, what?
It just shows up too much in text or on social media. The judges decided these two four-letter words should not go together under any circumstances.

2. No worries.
This phrase was nominated for misuse and overuse….a bad way of saying “you’re welcome.”

3. At the end of the day.
The university first tried to ban this in 1999..and the day still isn’t over….let’s get over it.

4. That being said.
It’s just verbal filler and pompous as well…just go ahead and say what you want.

5. Asking for a friend.
No, you’re not. You’re fooling no one, you’re asking for yourself, so just say so.

6. Circle back
Yes, by all means, let’s circle back about why we should banish this jargon. It’s the most overused phrase in business, government, or any organization since since the word synergy.

7. Deep dive.
The only time we should do this is into water, does anyone dive into the shallow end?

8. New normal.
Thanks, COVID. Those longing for the good old days of, say, 2019, use this to signal they still haven’t comes to terms with what ‘normal’ means.

9. You’re on mute.
Come on, we’re two years into remote working and visiting. It’s time for everyone to figure out where the mute button is.

10. Supply chain
Supply chain issues have become the scapegoat of everything that doesn’t happen or arrive on time and of every shortage. Banish it.