Are your home and car prepared for winter emergencies?


Whether you're at home or out and about, snow and cold could create some inconveniences and dangers you should be ready for

(WYTV) – How prepared are you for the snow and cold — whether you’re at home or in your car?

Emergency room doctors say the risks for fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are always highest during cold weather months, so having working detectors is a must.

“Always make sure you have a working smoke detector and a working carbon monoxide detector. There are these combination products — put them in the house. They save lives,” said Dr. Baruch Fertel, with the Cleveland Clinic.

It might be a good idea to have a professional inspect your home’s heating system once a year to make sure everything is clean, working and ventilated as it should be.

You should also be prepared if you lose power. Have basic, nonperishable food on hand, as well as blankets and, if necessary, a safe place to go.

Keep an extra pair of gloves, a hat and a coat in the trunk just in case an emergency puts you on the side of the road during bad weather.

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