Are you in favor of playing Christmas music early?


The coronavirus pandemic gave radio stations two good reasons to start playing 24/7 holiday tunes sooner

(WYTV) – Do you appreciate hearing Christmas music on the radio long before Christmas? Many stations will start playing holiday tunes any day after Thanksgiving but this year, we’re hearing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” right now.

The trade magazine Variety says a hundred radio stations across the United States have already switched to playing only Christmas songs.

Many made the changeover this week, but some actually did it as far back as September 25 — three months before Christmas — and some will keep it up past Christmas to December 31.

There are two possible reasons for this.

First, radio programmers thought people could use a morale boost with the coronavirus going on. Los Angeles station KOST asked its audience if it wanted Christmas music and the overwhelming answer was yes.

The other reason is money. With so many people working from home and going out less, some radio ratings have fallen. KOST doubles its listenership during the holiday-only broadcast each year, so that’s another reason to get to the Christmas music as soon as possible.

If you find the holidays stressful, the cheery music on the radio may not help, but only aggravate you.

A Consumer Reports survey of more than 1,000 people found that nearly one in four said seasonal music was the thing they dreaded most about the holidays. Comforting and annoying — Christmas songs are both.

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