(WYTV)- Oscar Mayer has put out its call again for drivers for its Wienermobiles, there’s more than one, the company has a small fleet of Wienermobiles traveling the country.

If you want to drive one, you must be a graduating college senior with, of course, a valid driver’s license, you’ll have to love driving a giant hot dog and be willing to visit 20 states and cover 200,000 miles over a year.

We did say college graduate, your degree should be in public relations, or journalism, communications, advertising, or marketing. But Oscar Mayer will consider other degrees.

The Wienermobile has been traveling America’s highways since the 1930s, when Oscar Mayer’s nephew Carl suggested his uncle build a 13 foot long mobile hot dog for promotions.

If the company picks you to drive, it will train you at Hot Dog High in Madison, Wisconsin. Oscar Mayer picks only a dozen drivers, the competition is fierce.

The acceptance rate is less than one percent of all those who apply.

If you want to apply, Oscar Mayer will accept applications through January 31.