(WYTV)- We have some new words for you from Dictionary.com.

The website just added some 300 new words to its lineup.

Dictionary.com sees itself as a tool you can use to navigate your through our modern terms.
It also revises some definitions as well to keep up with the way people really talk.
Let’s see what’s new.

Cakeage: A fee that a restaurant may charge if you bring in a cake from outside.

Digital nomad: A person who works remotely while traveling for leisure…has no fixed, permanent address.

Nearlywed: A person who lives with another in a life partnership, sometimes engaged with no planned wedding date, sometimes with no intention of ever marrying.

Hellscape: A place or time that is hopeless, unbearable or irredeemable.

Antifragile: You actually become stronger, more robust the more stress or uncertainty or risk you face.

Rage farming: You intentionally provoke your political opponents, typically by posting something outrageous on social media, expecting an angry response.

Trauma dumping: you suddenly start telling people all your troubles, especially those who are not ready to hear them.

Petfluencer: You gain a large following on social media by posting videos of your cat, dog or other pet doing something cute.

Bedwetting: An emotional overreaction, especially when it comes to major decisions or outcomes.

Southern Ocean: The waters surrounding Antarctica.