Americans believe that spirits can haunt our homes


(WYTV)-A survey from 2017 found 52% of Americans believe that spirits can haunt our homes and other buildings.

What do scientists say?

Could electromagnetic fields make us see ghosts or at least sense some invisible presence in a room?
Investigators have found that those places said to be haunted often feature unusual magnetic fields.

Then you have infrasound, sound at levels so low we can’t hear then though some animals can.
Scientists say very low frequency noise can disorient us, make us uneasy, even put chills down our spine.

Do you have mold growing in your house somewhere? Some research suggests mold spores in the air can make you feel uneasy. Look for evidence of mold is so called haunted houses. Carbon monoxide can cause you to hear things and see things that aren’t there.

Then you have this explanation, someone said he saw a ghost in such and such a home. If someone else confidently says yes, I did see something, that might influence you to see it, too.

And, of course, maybe we just want to believe.

We’d love to think there’s some kind of existence after death. This holds a powerful sway over our perceptions.

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