(WYTV)- Noah Webster certainly had a huge impact on how Americans spell….he published An American Dictionary of the English Language.

And he wrote a series of spelling books that filled American classroom in the 19th century. He wanted to distinguish an American way from a British way and much of what he recommended caught on.

He took the “u” out of “colour”…flipped the “e” and the “r” in centre…changed the “c” to and “s” in defence, placed “plough” with “plow,” “draught” with “draft,” and “gaol” with “jail.”
But some of his suggestions just died.
Let’s take a look at some of his spelling ideas.

He wanted soup changed to soop.
Machine to Masheen
Tongue to tung
Grief to greef
Daughter to dawter
Chorus to korus…
Island to Iland
Steady to Steddy
Thumb to thum
Women to wimmin
Believe to beleev
Sleigh to sley