Ever go to a meeting at work and maybe coffee and donuts or some kind of snacks are waiting on the table for you and your fellow employees?

The country’s second largest private employer, Amazon, does that, too.

Owner and CEO Jeff Bezos runs a smart and efficient business. Amazon is an ever-growing powerhouse.
Part of that business model involves the way he runs his meetings and it has to do with pizza.

Jeff has what he calls the two pizza rule, or sometimes the two pizza team. Does he offer pizza as a bribe to attract his minions to a 3:00 p.m. meeting, plenty of sausage and pepperoni on their pies? No, it’s a rule he uses to keep meetings productive.

Under the “two pizza rule,” Bezos will only hold meetings in which two pizzas will feed the entire group. If the group that’s gathered is too large for two pizzas to feed, then Bezos says there are simply too many people in that meeting and then nothing will get done.

Considering the success of Amazon, the “two pizza rule” is one that all companies might want to consider using.