Allergies or COVID-19? Here’s the difference


Here’s comes fall. Here comes your stuffy nose, post nasal drip, sneezing and wheezing.

It’s just allergies, right?

But wait. We’re still dealing with the coronavirus and allergists tell us we can easily confuse our fall allergy symptoms for an attack of the COVID-19. How do you tell them apart?

Dr. Sandra Hong from Cleveland Clinic told us what the difference is.

“Things that I think make a difference and help you decide, is it allergies or is it COVID? With COVID we don’t have as much sneezing and as much itching. So, if you’ve noticed every single year that you’ve gotten the same sorts of symptoms during the fall time, it probably is more allergy related,” Hong said.

Fever and loss of taste and smell are possible with severe allergies, but more common with COVID-19. Fatigue is also a COVID symptom, but allergy suffers can feel fatigued. too. But the allergy fatigue is usually due to the medicine you’re taking while COVID fatigue really knocks you out.

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