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‘Adult-scented’ Play-Doh aims to bring back the ’90s


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – Do you miss the 1990s?

Many of the toys back then were low-tech, such as a simple can of Play-Doh.

Is that when you grew up?

But now you, a grown-up, a millennial, can return to those days of squeezing and sculpting that fragrant putty, because it’s back with familiar smells.

The smells featured in Play-Doh’s new “Grown Up Scents” include a ’90s Edition pack. Each jar of dough comes in one of six scents: Eau de Boy Band, VHS Rental ‘N Chill, Pump Up The Jamz, Dial-Up Delight, Mall Food Court and Flannel Fresh.

The VHS Rental dough has a buttered popcorn scent, and Mall Food Court is supposed to smell like mystery meat.

Sniff Boy Band and you’ll pick up on a pine cologne fragrance.

Flannel Fresh is floral, Dial-Up Delight smells like strawberries, and Pump Up the Jamz smell like a hip-hop sneaker.

Play-Doh has tried this before with mature smells such as Overpriced Latte, Lord of the Lawn and Spa Day.

The ’90s Edition is now available on Amazon for $12 a box.

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