(WYTV) — From Business Insider, who invented the modern bulletproof vest?

A pizza delivery guy.

Richard Davis was a Marine but his inspiration for personal protection came not from a battlefield. It came from delivering pizza to some dangerous addresses in Detroit.

Davis was dropping off a pizza on July 15, 1969, when he realized that the call sent him to a dark alley. Three armed men were waiting for him. He was wounded twice but escaped with his life and it left him looking for ways to protect himself.

So Davis carved out the first vest made of Kevlar, which was much stronger than military nylon.

To test the result, Davis put a phone book behind a Kevlar prototype and opened fire. The book came through fine.

Davis started a company called Second Chance Body Armor and when he met a prospective buyer, Davis would put on the prototype vest, aim a pistol at his chest, and pull the trigger.

That’s what you’d call a salesman. Through all his demonstrations, Davis ended up shooting himself in the chest 190 times. And who invented Kevlar?

A woman Stephanie Kwolek was a chemist at the DuPont company in Wilmington, Delaware, when she invented the stronger than steel fiber in 1965. It was supposed to go into automobile tires.