(WYTV)- When you think of cruise ships, you most likely imagine huge vessels with 17 decks, 20 swimming pools, five thousand guests, small rooms, and hefty price tags.

But there’s another way to cruise and not too many people know about it, larger rooms and cheaper, meals included but no casinos or a Las Vegas-type stage.

Here’s the ship.

Book a ride on a container ship, you can do it, a travel agent may be able to help. These ships usually have crews of five to 15 people, sorry, no cruise director, and you can find a ship willing to take on a passenger.

As a cargo ship tourist, you’ll sail wherever the shipping routes take you…your trip may last a few days or two months or around the world. Once in port, you’re free to go ashore.

One travel blog reports that passenger cabins on a cargo ship are large, on the upper decks, including a small refrigerator, TV, and window views.

You dine with the captain and crew and they’re usually very happy to have you on board, but there’s no after-dinner entertainment. Unless you want to watch a movie with the rest of the crew.