When May 1 hits, local infectious disease doctor says to continue taking precautions


When businesses start to reopen, Dr. John Venglarcik just wants to remind us that COVID-19 will still be a threat

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Governor Mike DeWine’s announcement that some businesses can resume work on May 1 has many people hopeful, but what will the new normal look like?

It’s still not clear exactly what people will be allowed to do once Ohio allows them to leave their homes for non-essential activities. But what is clear, people will still have to take precautions.

“As we open up businesses, stay in if you’re sick. If you’re not feeling well, stay in seven days from the onset and no fever for three days without medication,” said Dr. John Venglarcik.

While many may feel anxious to experience the outdoors again, local infectious disease expert Dr. Venglarcik says it’s best to minimize travel.

“We’ll continue to encourage people to keep their distance and cut down on the amount of travel they take and places they go to a minimum, to the essential things they need to do,” he said.

COVID-19 will still be a threat after May 1. Social distancing and good hygiene will still be effective ways to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

“I suspect we are going to see people standing a little farther apart. Hopefully, we’ll see people washing their hands more and I suspect hugging and handshaking is going to decrease for a while as well,” Dr. Venglarcik said.

The doctor says testing will become more widespread in the coming weeks. That means the number of people with COVID-19 will go up, but you shouldn’t be alarmed.

“What it’s going to do is let us know that the mortality rate for this disease is much lower than what we saw at first. We were seeing only the tip of the iceberg,” he said.

Dr. Venglarcik hopes the pandemic reaches a point where it ends naturally.

“We’re going to continue to see transmission of this virus until we build up to a herd immunity. That’s typically when 80% of the population has it, we’ll stop seeing transmission of this,” he said.

As we ease back into our new normal, Dr. Venglarcik says it’s important for us all to continue to practice our precautions.

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