Valley loses man passionate about politics, art and people to COVID-19


People we talked to described Mark Mangie as "passionate," saying when he believed in something, he gave it his all


(WYTV) – Mark Mangie, a Mahoning County lawyer, passed away from COVID-19 Wednesday afternoon. The word people we talked to kept using to describe him was “passionate,” saying when he believed in something, he gave it his all.

Tracey Winbush, Mangie’s co-host on the radio show “Tracey and Friends,” best described his personality.

“He was passionate about the Valley, about people, about politics, about the arts, about a life. He was just a passionate guy. Everything he got into, he jumped into with all four.”

The lawyer was also very active in Republican politics.

“He and I both served in the Mahoning Young Republicans,” said former Mahoning County Republican Party chairman Mark Munroe, who was a good friend of Mangie’s.

Munroe said Mangie started having symptoms ten days ago and was hospitalized at St. Elizabeth Boardman. He tested positive for the coronavirus.

Mangie was put on a ventilator and being given the antimalarial drug that’s now often being used.

“I heard that he was possibly getting better just the other day, but then I guess yesterday, he was going downhill and they made the decision to take him off the respirator and he passed shortly thereafter,” Munroe said.

Mangie was also a friend of the arts. He was on the board of the Youngstown Symphony and part of Power of the Arts, tirelessly lobbying for money.

“He was all about making sure the arts stayed powerful in the Mahoning Valley and it’s very, very hard to do that. He was all about writing and being creative,” Winbush said.

Even one of Mahoning County’s leading Democrats, former party chairman Dave Betras, admired Mangie for who he was.

“Mark and I always kind of — we’ve been like, political rivals but friendly, you know?”

Betras said he was shocked to hear the news of Mangie’s passing.

“I’d see him out and we’d have great discussions. We’d go back and forth on Facebook, and I considered him a friend.”

“Until it affects someone that you know, it really gives you a different perspective,” Munroe said. “I suspect by the time it’s over, there are a lot of us in this country that are going to be saying that because it’s going to touch a lot of people that a lot of people know.”

Mangie was 70 years old. He leaves behind a wife and son. Mangie’s wife is now quarantined at home.

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