Trumbull County not happy about being last on the school COVID vaccine list


School leaders in Trumbull County aren't happy with their spot on the list

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine released the vaccine timeline Friday for Ohio’s schools.

It’s a phased rollout over four weeks in February. Trumbull County is at the bottom of the list, getting the vaccine in week four.

Many are wondering what makes Trumbull County schools different than Mahoning and Columbiana counties which are getting the vaccine in the first and second weeks.

About three weeks ago, surveys were sent out to school staff to determine how many COVID-19 vaccines were needed for each school district.

“Those school districts then reported that number to the Educational Service Center (ESC), and then the ESC takes that large number and sends it to the Ohio Department of Health,” said Kate Keller, public relations and marketing supervisor for Trumbull County ESC.

School leaders in Trumbull County aren’t happy with their spot on the list.

“Disappointed I guess is the best word,” said Lakeview Superintendent Jo Taylor. “When Mahoning County got into that first wave, I was very hopeful that we’d be closer to the top of the heap, but I guess somebody has to be last.”

Taylor hopes that all the wrinkles will be worked out by the time they get to Trumbull County. She says 80% of her school staff are planning to get the shot, but some are not happy with the wait.

“When that started to get out and about, people started trying to figure out a different option rather than wait,” Taylor said.

But they would still like to know how the Ohio Department of Health came up with their decision.

“Clearly, it looks like it’s not a regional decision. What they use in criteria to factor in who does first and last, we still don’t know what that is,” Keller said.

Taylor said she can’t figure it out either but would like to know.

“If I were a betting person, I would have bet that we would have been a little bit earlier, but I can’t figure out what their priorities were, how they did it. I don’t know whether they did it by lottery or what they did,” she said.

Certain schools will meet in a central location to get their vaccine, depending on location in the county.

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