Trends and comparisons: Ohio and Pa. COVID-19 numbers


The numbers Monday show a drop in Ohio but not a substantial one

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – People are waiting for a big drop in COVID-19 numbers – something substantial that shows it’s going away. But while numbers are changing, not every community is seeing a decrease.

The numbers Monday show a drop in Ohio but not a substantial one.

Looking at new cases for the past three weeks, the trend was going up, from 6,500 to 7,500 to 8,100. But in the past week, ending Monday, the number of cases fell by 1,000. That’s not a trend yet, but at least the numbers have reversed.

The number of people dying from COVID-19 in Ohio is one area where there is no definitive trend at all.

For two weeks, deaths were around 150 then it fell to 138. This past week, that number rose to 143. The average the past week has been 147.

One area that’s showing at least a little bit of a trend are COVID-19 hospitalizations in Ohio. Four weeks ago on August 24, 806 people were hospitalized. Then, it fell to 774, and 691. And Monday, there were 671. In fact, over the past nine days, the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 has been below 700. In early August, it was consistently over 1,000.

Pennylvania is doing better with its COVID-19 numbers when compared with Ohio. Ohio over the past four weeks has averaged around 7,300 new cases a week. Pennsylvania has averaged just over 5,000, that’s a difference of 2,300 new cases a week.

Pennsylvania is doing better when it comes to deaths, too. Ohio is averaging 147 new deaths a week – over the past four weeks, while Pennsylvania is averaging 100.

Locally, the numbers are little more mixed. In some places the numbers are way down, and in one place they’re way up.

In Mahoning County, new cases are way down from four weeks ago when they were at 97. Two weeks ago they fell as low as 47, then rose to 59 last week.

Deaths in Mahoning County experienced a bit of a spike two weeks ago with seven. Otherwise, for the past four weeks, new deaths in Mahoning County have been between two and three a week.

New cases in Trumbull County were up to 69 four weeks ago, but since then have fallen into the 20’s and 30’s. So, new cases in Trumbull County are a lot better then what they were four weeks ago.

New deaths in Trumbull County are up slightly from last week from two to four but still down from three weeks ago when the count was at seven. The numbers are trending down somewhat in Trumbull County.

Columbiana County had some big numbers for new cases two weeks in a row. They were in the 50’s. But this past week, there were only 20 new cases in Columbiana County. A big change from the past two weeks.

Deaths in Columbiana County spiked a bit last week when five people died. In the three weeks before that, the number of new deaths was between one and two a week.

In Mercer County, it’s just the opposite. There has been a spike in cases over the past two weeks. There were 54 two weeks ago and 56 this past week. In the two weeks prior, total new cases were 37 and 14.

The death toll in Mercer County, though, has been at 13 for the past four weeks. So, while cases are rising, no one else is dying.

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