Statewide COVID-19 PSA features nurse from Youngstown


Shareece Mashiska is a nurse manager at Mercy Health

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – During Tuesday’s briefing, Governor Mike DeWine talked about the role all Ohioans play in battling COVID-19.

The Ohio Department of Health is launching a series of public service announcements to highlight what each of us can do.

One spot features Shareece Mashiska, a nurse manager at Mercy Health in Youngstown who said she was “volun-told” to do the “I Believe” PSA.

“People think we can ease up on social distancing. Fact is, your chance of getting sick is still linked to the distance between you and the infected person. That’s what I believe,” she says in the PSA.

Mashiska believes social distancing remains a critical piece of keeping our communities safe. She said the PSA truly echoes what she believes.

“We still have to be safe because we don’t want to go right back into the same situation we were just in. So people need to take this seriously,” Mashiska said.

Mashiska believes it applies to other sicknesses, too.

“Absolutely. The flu is spread much like coronavirus is through droplets. So if you have that proper spacing, you should be good to go,” she said.

Mashiska said the message still needs to get across since this is an illness everyone in health care is still learning how to deal with.

When Mashiska was 19 years old, she moved to the area — her father was in the military. She got her degree online and has been caring for patients for more than 15 years.

As far as her PSA, right now, she sees a bright future.

“It is kinda fun. I don’t think I could move to L.A. yet, but it is fun,” Mashiska said.

The PSA will air for three weeks, so she still has more time to shine.

Mashiska’s three children wanted to know why she walked away at the end — that brought her right back to earth. But she’s gotten plenty of positive feedback too, including from her husband. She says all of the response has been inspiring.

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