Since stay-at-home order lifted, some area vets still too busy to take new clients


One vet in Poland is still trying to catch up from the influx of calls he received once the order was lifted

(WYTV) – You may run into some issues trying to find a veterinarian for your animals. That’s because some vets still aren’t taking in any new patients right now. Two local vets discuss both sides of a new protocol that was put in place during the pandemic.

Businesses have changed since the pandemic started in March, including vets, who started to see a common trend once the stay-at-home order was lifted.

“It was like the floodgates opened. Everybody that needed to get in called at once and we’ve been trying to catch up ever since and we still cannot catch up,” said John Daugherty, owner of the Poland Veterinary Centre.

Daugherty said they even had to hire additional workers just to keep up with the overflow.

“I talked with veterinarians all over the country and they say the same thing. They cannot keep up with the demand and so the only way we can deal with it was to cut back on taking new clients,” Daugherty said.

So they are able to take care of their loyal customers, but sometimes Daugherty says it could take two hours or more for their animals to be seen, which he believes is unfair.

“Hate to turn patients away but we can only do so much. We’re just overwhelmed right now,” he said.

Donald Allen is a veterinarian in Youngstown who is still open to new clients. Allen says this is the busiest season for vets, but he also noticed an increase in the volume of calls.

“I think the people that were staying home from work were paying more attention to their pets probably, noticing things they haven’t noticed before — the pets probably aren’t changed at all,” Allen said.

Allen says this is why it’s important for vets to stay open.

“We’re here to serve and we’re here to help your pets, just like the hospitals didn’t shut down because the people need them,” Allen said.

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