Salem tattoo artist wants to know why they aren’t included in Ohio’s reopen plan


"We have two months' worth of appointments that are sitting in limbo, that we don't know when we can get them in," said Brandon Mohr, with State Street Tattoo

SALEM, Ohio (WYTV) – Next Friday, beauty salons and spas will be able to reopen in Ohio, but tattoo parlors are not on the reopen list yet.

As the plan to reopen Ohio becomes clearer for many business owners, tattoo artists are feeling out of the loop.

“The difficult and the most frustrating part about this whole issue is that we have not been addressed by the governor. He will mention us for closing but has not mentioned us at all after that,” said Brandon Mohr, with State Street Tattoo in Salem.

He said like everyone, the pandemic hasn’t been easy for him or his business.

“We have two months’ worth of appointments that are sitting in limbo, that we don’t know when we can get them in. We’re trying to work with everyone. Luckily, everyone’s being patient and we haven’t had any issue because everyone’s being understanding.”

Mohr said cleanliness is always a priority for tattoo parlors.

“We wear gloves, we already wipe things down with chemicals, we have to clean the skin before we touch it and we have to wash our hands after a procedure. We already have this implemented.”

Until his doors can open again, Mohr said his artists will continue to struggle.

“Right now, everyone is sitting here. No one can work. Everyone is using their money to survive. We might not have that income tax business that we need to sustain our business throughout the year.”

While he continues to wait for a response and answers from Columbus, he’s doing what he can to help others.

“I gave everyone in our building free rent for this last month. I told them if they can’t pay rent, just write me a note stating why and I will work with you,” Mohr said.

He understands this is a tough time but in the end, Mohr said he just wants to know why tattoo shops are not in the reopen plan and when they will be.

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