Pastor of Warren ministry spreads positivity while delivering food to needy


If you wish to donate to The Basement Outreach Ministries, call Pastor Wike at 330-881-7124

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Basement Outreach Ministries in Warren has served groceries to the community for about 10 years. But because of COVID-19, they now have more families in need.

On Friday, they delivered to about 75 families of all different sizes.

“I’m very grateful. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to be able to give,” said Pastor Julie Wike, The Basement Outreach Ministries.

Pastor Wike, along with two volunteers, has a lot of groceries to deliver, from cereal to canned goods to meats and pasta.

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, things have ramped up.

“I’ve never seen this magnitude of people texting, calling and reaching out for help. I, at least, have 40 families, brand new, that I have never even served before,” she said.

Pastor Wike had to rent two U-Haul trucks to help get the food around.

But even though the virus has kept people apart, she says it’s made the community stronger.

“To be honest with you, I weep but I believe it’s bringing the community together. Even though we can’t hug or any of that, I just believe there’s a sense of love,” she said.

Even though we live in tough times, she still finds a way to have fun, even when she’s lifting heavy boxes.

“I used to do weight lifting for a career. No, I’m just kidding,” she joked.

She’ll also give well wishes.

“Well, God bless you and stay safe.”

And is keeping social distancing in mind when dropping off food.

“I can’t hug, I can’t even pray, but I can smile and I can share love that way or do a hug like this [gestures]. But there’s always ways to uplift people that are struggling right now,” she said.

If you wish to donate to The Basement Outreach Ministries, call Pastor Wike at 330-881-7124.

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