Ohio’s US senators eager to reopen economy, but slowly and steadily


Both Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman stress the process needs to be done with care

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(WYTV) – As calls grow for Americans to be allowed to get back to work, Ohio’s two U.S. senators admit lawmakers have a responsibility to get the economy moving again.

While the government continues handing out money to keep small businesses from laying off workers and closing their doors, Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown admitted they’re hearing from people who want to get back to work while they still have jobs left to go back to.

Still, both stress the process needs to be done with care.

“If we don’t do this right, if we open the economy too quickly without proper safeguards for workers, without doing as much testing as we need to, we will see more people get sick,” Brown said.

“There’s ways we can go back into this,” Portman said. “It’s going to be staged, but we gotta do it smart because what we don’t want to do is reopen the economy and then have to close it down again. You want to reopen it and keep it open.”

Both senators worry further shutdowns after businesses have been allowed to open again could damage the economy for years to come.

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