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Local coronavirus trends: Case counts, deaths and hospitalizations


WYTV News took a closer look at Ohio and Pennsylvania numbers


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Ohio hit an unwanted milestone Monday, coronavirus cases went over 200,000 since the pandemic began.

Almost 25 percent of those cases came in October alone.

WYTV News took a closer look at Ohio and Pennsylvania numbers.

What we found is there is not a large number of people dying from COVID-19, but trends in every other statistic were going up, more so in Ohio than Pennsylvania.

Four weeks ago, Ohio recorded 185 new deaths. Then, for two weeks in a row, they were in the 70’s. Last week, the number jumped back up to 142. So, there was a jump this past week but still below that of four weeks ago.

In Pennsylvania, the trend in deaths has been steady, ranging from 120 to 140.

When it comes to the number of new cases, the numbers are way up. Four weeks ago, new cases in Ohio was just over 7,000, then they went to 11,000 and then to 13,000. This past week, there were 16,600 new cases. That’s more than double in four weeks.

Pennsylvania’s new cases have not grown as much but still, the trend is up 7,000 to 9,000 to 10,000 and then to 12,000.

People hospitalized in Ohio for COVID-19 during that same time period goes from 700 to 900 to 1,100 to 1,400 this past week. Again, double what it was four weeks ago.

In Pennsylvania, the trend in hospitalizations is up but not as large as in Ohio. Almost 600 to 700 to 800 to over 1,100.

The trend is also up for people testing positive in Ohio. Three weeks ago, it was over 3%. This past week, it was over 5%, which means 95% are testing negative.

Breaking the numbers down county by county, Columbiana County has seen more people die than any of our other local counties over the past four weeks.

Mahoning County has had five deaths since Oct. 5 and Trumbull County has had 4. Mercer County has had 2.

Every county is showing an increase in new cases. For two weeks, Mahoning was under 200, then two weeks ago, it went to 217, and this past week, the number of new cases stood at 258.

In Trumbull County again, the trend is up. For two weeks, Trumbull was under 100 new cases. then it went over 100, and this past week the number was at 177.

Columbiana County is not seeing the big spike in new cases like Mahoning and Trumbull counties. Columbiana had 91 this past week, a slight increase from the week before and the most the county has seen in four weeks.

Mercer County a different story. It went from 43 to 53 to 63 and then this past week reported 121 new cases, about double from the week before.

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