Gov. DeWine reaches out to White House, tries to get the FDA to reconsider decision


Battelle Labs were given permission to sanitize only 10,000 masks a day at their Columbus headquarters when they are capable of doing 160,000

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WYTV) – Early Sunday morning, the FDA decided on how a new technology will be used to sterilize medical masks. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was not happy about the result and is hoping to see the decision change.

DeWine, alongside Lt. Governor John Husted, was noticeably upset. DeWine says that they need to do much more in order to save lives.

“We are holding this press conference today to get everyone’s attention. We had tried in going back and forth for days. I got sick of waiting, quite frankly,” DeWine said.

DeWine and Husted called a press conference Sunday afternoon after receiving word from the FDA on a new masking-cleaning technology.

He told the people of Ohio that the FDA had not fully approved the use of the new machines that would sanitize personal protective equipment for healthcare workers.

Battelle Labs, who created the machine, were given permission to sanitize only 10,000 masks a day at their Columbus headquarters when they are capable of doing 160,000.

“That’s just not good enough, as the governor articulated, and I want everybody to know who is on the front lines of this. Your governor and your lieutenant governor and the entire team are fighting for those PPEs for you because we know without them, your job is made unnecessarily more dangerous,” said Husted.

In an effort to get the FDA to reconsider their decision, DeWine reached out to the White House.

“I picked up the phone, I called President Trump, the president called me back. We had a great conversation. He told me he would do everything he could to make sure this got done today,” DeWine said.

Trump tweeted about the situation, saying that he hopes the FDA can approve the equipment right away.

DeWine says that full FDA approval is not only important to the state of Ohio, but there are other states who are receiving these machines.

“This is not going to solve when we get it, it’s not going to solve every single problem. We know that it’s not going to stop the surge coming at us, but it is going to help and has the ability to help here in Ohio and has the ability help across this country,” DeWine said.

“This needs to get approved today, and we had the reassurances it will. We just need to make sure it happens,” said Husted.

DeWine does plan to hold a daily briefing tomorrow afternoon.

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