Future brides, wedding industry workers trying to push through stress of uncertainty


One of the most stressful things can be making sure all of your vendors are still on board

(WYTV) – Due to COVID-19, a lot of businesses had to shut down, including some in the wedding industry.

Your wedding day is said to be the best day of your life, something most look forward to while being young.

“We’ve been dating for our junior year of high school and we’ve been engaged for a year and a half,” said future bride Kenna Fusillo.

Fusillo’s wedding was set for next month, but with the COVID-19 outbreak, she rescheduled it for next year.

“This is good just for the health for all of our guests because we have a lot of elderly guests that will be attending that we don’t want them to not attend. So we kind of want to make sure that it was a safe time so everyone can be there,” she said.

During this time as a future bride, Fusillo says one of the most stressful things is making sure all of your vendors are still on board.

“I know some other brides who have been going through issues where they have to switch their vendors, which can be a headache,” she said.

“It is really hard, you know, if you have all of your vendors booked and your venue and you go and try to find a backup date, that may not always work with your photographer, your videographer, your florist,” said wedding photographer and future bride Brittany Dowd.

Dowd understands the stress firsthand, saying it has also been pretty overwhelming for the people behind the lens capturing your special day.

“It’s been a lot different. I’m used to a lot of social interaction. So that has been a big adjustment for me because I don’t get to see all the families I get to work with,” Dowd said.

Since photographers and videographers aren’t considered essential workers, their jobs are put on pause.

Wedding videographer Liam Abrigg says he has been using his time very wisely.

“The time that I have at home is oddly free so I’m trying to make the most out of it, getting caught up on editing, going through gear, making sure I have everything set in stone for future jobs,” he said,

And while this may be a tough time for everyone, Abrigg says to stay positive through it all.

“I’ve been just trying to tell couples to relax, enjoy the time now they have with each other and their families. I can’t imagine what it would be like to reschedule or cancel one of the biggest days of your life, but the wedding is going to happen no matter what,” he said.

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