Elkton inmate says more could be done to sanitize, enforce social distancing


The union president said the federal prison in Columbiana County did just get a new way to test inmates for COVID-19


ELKTON, Ohio (WYTV) – The wife on an inmate at the Elkton federal prison in Columbiana County said her husband doesn’t think enough is being done to keep the shared spaces sanitized or to enforce social distancing.

The Bureau of Prisons is reporting there are 39 Elkton inmates and 34 staff members who have tested positive for COVID-19. Six inmates have died from it.

Elkton union president Joseph Mayle said when inmates go for meals, they are sanitizing the areas with antibacterial products, which inmates are not allowed to use because of the alcohol in them.

Mayle also said Elkton now has a machine that can do 15-minute COVID-19 testing. They are only allowed 25 tests a week, which can only be used for inmates.

“They have yet to come up with a good, sound criteria of how they are going to actually start the testing of the inmates,” Mayle said. “Do you test the inmates that don’t have any symptoms to see if they are getting sick or if they come in contact with it and they don’t know they have it? Or do we test the inmates that we already know are sick?”

Mayle said staff members must be tested outside of the prison and there are currently more staff members awaiting their test results.

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