Drivers line up at local BMVs on first day open in months


Officials say there's no rush -- expiration deadlines have been extended until after the pandemic ends

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – After more than two months with no in-person services, Ohio BMVs were popular spots Tuesday morning.

Some weren’t happy about the wait.

“I didn’t want to spend my whole off day standing in line,” said Torianna, of Youngstown. “I’ve been standing in this line for about half an hour now.”

Others were glad to see social distancing measures being enforced.

“I see they’re maintaining some six feet apart,” said Jose Colon, of Youngstown. “Of course, some don’t have masks on but we are going to work and do our part.”

Although officials claim at one point, they were handling 3,500 customers an hour across the state, some who tried doing their business by computer may have encountered some trouble as well.

After seeing a quarter of a million hits Tuesday morning, the state’s Get in Line, Online site — which allows you to reserve a spot virtually — crashed.

“As you can imagine, we’re dealing with a little bit of a backlog right now,” said state registrar Charles Norman.

Under orders signed by the governor, expiration deadlines were all extended until after the pandemic crisis has ended.

“Even if your license shows on the card it’s expired, it’s still perfectly valid right now. So there’s really no reason, no need, to run in unless you’ve lost your license or something like that,” Norman said.

Still, there were those who just wanted to get it over with Tuesday.

“I’m going to finish it out,” Torianna said. “I’m going to just keep on waiting.”

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