Columbiana County Health District preparing for first shipment of vaccines


The Columbiana County Health District still has a lot of questions yet to be answered

COLUMBIANA CO., Ohio (WYTV) – All across the country, vaccines are starting to get to health care workers. Locally, Columbiana County will have to wait a little longer to get theirs.

Many of us will have to wait our turn as medical professionals will be the first to receive them.

“That are in direct contact with COVID positive people vaccinated, that’s the first tier. So that will be people that work in the hospitals that are providing care for COVID positive residents,” said Laura Fauss, public information officer for the Columbiana County Health District.

Which was regulated at the state level.

As for nursing homes, their vaccines will be provided through pharmacies.

“I’m not 100% sure which nursing homes are going to get vaccinated first or how that works. How much supplies is available. That’s all from the federal government to the state, directly to the pharmacies,” Fauss said.

The Columbiana County Health District does not know how many vaccines the county will see to start out. The state government said it would be based on population.

“But how they said they were going to divide it up was 90% based on population, 10% based on the vulnerable population in the county. We don’t know what that means as far as how many vaccines we’re going to receive,” Fauss said.

Pfizer’s vaccine must be kept at negative 94 degrees, so the county ordered freezers to store them. But due to supply and demand, they aren’t sure when those will come in.

“But there’s another option to store that vaccine, which is with dry ice. So the state and the counties already have a contract with the distributor of dry ice and that can be stored up to five days, I believe, with that dry ice,” Fauss said.

Columbiana County could see its first arrival of vaccines as early as next week.

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