Cleveland company administering trials for potential coronavirus vaccine


Rapid Medical Research wants to get rid of the stigma that these trials are a "guinea pig testing phase"

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Editor’s Note: The story has been corrected to state that the vaccine has been developed by Moderna and Pfizer.

CLEVELAND (WYTV) – A Cleveland-based company is starting trials on a coronavirus vaccine developed by Moderna and Pfizer.

Some participants are given the COVID-19 test, while others are not. It is a blind study to see how participants react.

Trials will begin this week and next week with the participants who have already been chosen.

Rapid Medical Research said the participants had to be in good health.

The company also looked for essential workers, such as those who work in law enforcement, doctors or factory workers.

The process will work just like a normal doctor’s visit. The participant’s medical history will be checked and the participant will talk with those handling the study to make sure they’re a good fit.

Rapid Medical Research wants to get rid of the stigma that these trials are a “guinea pig testing phase.”

“You are a human being that is making their own informed decision and guinea pigs don’t get that option,” said Jade Svoboda, recruitment manager. “You will get a document that entails everything during the trials, side effects of the trial.”

From previous studies so far, the side effects haven’t been major.

Similar to a flu vaccine, this vaccine will introduce your body to COVID-19 to see how the immune system handles it.

The company said the responses have been overwhelming so far.

“This has been exceptional. With the previous research trials, there were thousands of people that contacted us for just 350 spots,” Svoboda said.

Rapid Medical Research said the general public will be the game-changer to finding the vaccine.

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