Behind the costumes and artwork at Youngstown Comic Con


Darryl Banks did not wear a costume, but he brought his pencil and sketch pad

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Guests gathered at the Covelli Centre on Sunday for the second day of the Youngstown Comic Con, and the event has a special meaning to those who attended.

“It’s so fun to bring these characters to life and become them,” said cosplayer Rachel Meikle.

Meikle has a passion for cosplaying. She was dressed up as Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, but she added a unique color-changing feature to the dress.

“I just grew up watching Disney princess movies and I love this character, and so I just kind of wanted to add my own twist,” she said.

Meikle could not decide who her favorite princess is because she loves all of them. She said she has a connection to these characters.

“Some of these characters and stuff like that, they go through their challenges and they just break things down and they overcome it, and that’s something that is very relatable for me as a human.”

She said coming to comic con is all about expressing who you are through these characters, which comes with creativity. She said some costumes take a while to make, but the best feeling is the reaction from others.

“You’re going to get that reaction of like, ‘Yes, you’re a fellow nerd with me. I see what you did there and that’s amazing,'” Meikle said.

Darryl Banks did not wear a costume, but he brought his pencil and sketch pad.

“I’m mainly known for my comic book work, particularly for DC Comics. co-created the character Kyle Lantern–the Green Lantern–sort of like my claim to fame, I like to believe,” Banks said.

He said comic books had a huge impact on his life when he was younger and he now wants to make an impact on others.

“Comic books also inspire literacy because there was a lot of words that I would encounter when I was reading comics that I wouldn’t know, so I would have to look them up in the dictionary or ask an adult what it meant,” Banks said.

Banks also offered a piece of advice for aspiring artists.

“Anything that is difficult, if you persevere through it, somebody else is going to be inspired by that,” he said.

Banks encouraged people to come to events like this, saying that you will be surrounded by kind spirits and people who have a passion for comics.

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