Are Valley potholes getting filled?

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Monday, WYTV is going to be out checking on pothole-filled roads reported by First News viewers.

WYTV will be checking to see if they’ve been filled, and if they haven’t, when they will be filled.

If you see a road with lots of potholes, you can tell WYTV via our Report It feature.

It has been one week since non-violent day-reporting convicts of the Mahoning County Jail began helping to fill potholes. Their work began after an agreement among Mahoning County Engineer Pat Ginnetti, Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene, and the local Teamsters union.

Here’s some pothole feedback from Valley residents.From Christopher:Springfield Rd. in New Springfield is a total wreck. You have to hit a pot hole to miss one. Right in front of Deer Meadows trailer park is filled with potholes.From Todd: Ellsworth Road in Lake Miilton has bad pot holes in different areas.From Nick: Please fix the pot holes on Lanterman Road in Austintown and 4-mile Run terrible road conditions for years now. Needs paved bad.From Theil: 5th street in Beloit, Ohio has very deep and excessive potholes that could cause harm to drivers on their way to school and drivers around Beloit.From Patrick: Very large potholes on Western Reserve Road between Glenwood Ave. and Tippecanoe Rd. While some had been filled, alot of holes still exist and are wreaking havoc on cars. I blew a tire last Wednesday on my way to work and the cost was $167. I cannot avoid driving this road as my kids school is on it.From Scott: Areas between 534 and 224 on Palmyra Rd. Hazardous! People are beginning to drive in the yards of the homes. This is not very good for the school buses that travel to the Mahoning County CTC either.From JoAnn: Kirk Road from 45 to Turner Road is absolutely the WORSE. You cannot even miss the holes because they are on BOTH SIDES.From Lori: I would like to know why Afton in Boardman was paved last year when it didn’t have any holes. Instead of a main road such as Indianola or Mathews . Doesn’t make sense. And Mathews is still horrible to travel on. Some were patched others were not on that road.From Brian: The roads of Mahoning County are absolutely dangerous. I can’t even pull out of my drive without hitting deep deep potholes. The last time my road has seen any form of road work was 15 years ago. Why do we pay taxes? Its uncalled for.From Christina: Hopkins Rd., Sheban, Canfield Rd. all still undriveable.From Cheryl: North Lipkey Road off of Mahoning Ave in North Jackson is horrendous.From Joyce: Please replace the potholes on Raccoon Rd. and Meridian Road. The road is horrible.From Ron: Kirk Rd from Rt 45 to Turner Road is terrible. There is a long stretch and a curve that they only way to get through is to almost stop. Turner Rd from Mahoning Ave. to Kirk Rd. is terrible.From Donna: Burkey Road from Meridian to Raccoon, Meridian and Mahoning on the side of Burger King, Tippecanoe Rd From Canfield Rd to Tippecanoe Country Club.From Connie: Potholes on West Blvd between Shields and Glenwood.From Adam: West Western Reserve Road in Ellsworth and Berlin Townships, between Rt 45 and Rt 534. Seacrist Road in Goshen Township, between Calla Road and Rt 165. Duck Creek Road in North Jackson Township, between Mahoning Ave and Ellsworth Road. Pretty much any Mahoning County road west of Rt 46.

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