Aqua Ohio advises how to avoid clogged drains this holiday season

Aqua Ohio is reminding customers not to pour grease down a sink drain or into a toilet

(WYTV) — We’re all looking forward to a good holiday meal and one thing that can ruin the party is a clogged drain.

Aqua Ohio is reminding customers not to pour grease down a sink drain or into a toilet. That can lead to a blocked pipe and cause backups.

Aqua also recommends using strainers to catch food scraps and other solids from going down the drain.

Those few things can prevent big problems.

“They help a lot. If keeping the solids out of the plumbing system is really going to keep the plumbing flowing out of the home. And sometimes I think it’s a big buildup over time. Just a couple times of putting grease or solids down your plumbing can have a big impact quickly,” said Jennifer Johnson from Aqua Ohio.

Aqua Ohio also recommends not flushing any wipes, even if they are labeled as flushable.

Aqua Ohio President Ed Kolodziej said the holiday season is a good time to remind customers that they play a critical role in keeping household plumbing, wastewater collection systems and treatment plants operating efficiently and effectively.

“While fat, oil and grease go down the drain as liquids, they solidify and, over time, can completely block pipes and cause raw sewage backups in homes and overflows in streets. We want to make sure our customers are prepared around the holiday season to not only avoid a mess, but also the cost of repairs,” said Kolodziej.

Visit the Aqua Ohio website for more information.

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