Animal Charity swamped by calls about pets left in cold

Animal Charity responds to call in Youngstown_31359

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – The frigid cold temperatures are presenting a problem for dogs and cats and those who look out for them.

The phones at Animal Charity were ringing of the hook on Thursday with calls about pets being left in the cold. The agency’s voice mail box has been full for three days.

They can’t respond immediately to emails or voice messages, but they are catching up to people who have left notices for them.

“Right now, we are not responding to any emails. We are not responding to any voice mails because our agents need to be out on the road. So we will get back to you. It is just going to take some time to do that,” Animal Charity Board President Mary Louk said.

And now workers are in what they call straight triage mode.

“We are ranking by priority. Dogs and cats that are in the biggest danger, heading out, taking care of those first. We will check on every call that has come in. It is just a matter of what time frame we will do that in,” Louk said.

And 33 News was there as humane agents answered one of those calls on Youngstown’s north side, where a dog was reportedly left outside. When agents got there, they looked around the house, took pictures and checked out the animal’s condition.

The agents asked the resident to come outside and they told him the animal needed to be inside.

“25 below is not a safe temperature for animals,” the agent said.

“Does he look like he is suffering?,” the resident said.

“Here’s the thing. It is determined that within an hour, they can get frostbite,” the agent responded.

The owner was given several options, but decided he could no longer care for the animal. He signed over ownership of the dog and that is when humane agents took over.

“Sometimes they are so aggressive when they are in that environment, then when you take them out of it, and you get them back in the warmth, and they are the happiest,” the humane agent said.

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