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(KTLA) – Would you eat chicken feed? You’ll soon have the chance.

Poultry giant Perdue is rolling out a new snack food for humans that it says is “made from most of the same ingredients” in the company’s chicken chow.

The snack, dubbed “Chix Mix,” contains corn, wheat puffs and edamame, with a bit of spice to make it more people-pleasing.

I know, I know: It seems like this is Weird Food Week.

First, we had pickle-flavored ketchup from Kraft Heinz. Then we had a new ice cream flavor from Baskin-Robbins that it says captures all the taste sensations of Thanksgiving side dishes (including swirls of cranberry sauce).

And now Chix Mix.

“Our feed is so good that humans can eat it too,” Perdue says. “In fact, it’s delicious.”

In fact, the limited-time offering isn’t meant to elbow aside Chex Mix and other crunchable snacks.

It’s aimed at calling attention to the fact that Perdue doesn’t use antibiotics in most of its chicken feed.

If you’re up for a sample, you can order Chix Mix online beginning Nov. 17. In fact, Perdue will give 100 people a chance to win a bag so they can give it a try.