BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – What is the deal with nitrogen ice cream and how is it different from regular ice cream?

“When they make ice cream the traditional way, it gets spun around and spun around and so air gets pumped into it, that doesn’t happen (with nitrogen ice cream),” said N2 by DaVill owner Shaun DaVill.

The difference comes from how the ice cream is made.

The base is just like a regular ice cream base, but instead of being frozen over time, the liquid nitrogen freezes the base in seconds.

“The faster you freeze something, the smaller the ice particles. So, when you eat this, you’re going to notice it is very creamy,” said DaVill.

This process also allows for more variety. The flavor choices and combinations are infinite.

The real question though, is it better than regular ice cream? DaVill thinks so.

“It’s definitely better. It’s fresher and you can taste that, because you can taste freshness,” said DaVill. “You should just eat it, and you’ll see.”

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can head to N2 by DaVill in Boardman at 6528 South Ave.