The Elmton continues serving ‘Real Pizza’ in the Valley


Everyone has their definition of what 'real pizza' is, however at The Elmton, the term 'real pizza' takes a more special meaning

STRUTHERS, Ohio (MyValleyDeals) – The Elmton in Struthers has been serving ‘real pizza’ in the Valley since 1945.

Everyone has their definition of what ‘real pizza’ is, however at The Elmton, the term ‘real pizza’ takes a more special meaning.

“We used to have big picture windows in front of The Elmton. Well, my grandfather finally came up with this recipe with the help of his employees,” said owner Jack Walters. “One of the gentleman walked out, windows were steam; he wrote on the window ‘real pizza’ and that’s where that logo comes from.”

The pizza from The Elmton is unique compared to others sold in The Valley.

“A lot of places, they’ll use a mozzarella or mozzarella mix. We use a provolone and swiss mix. We sauce all of our pizzas, all of our pizzas have green peppers in them. It’s in the sauce, that’s what gives it it’s flavor,” said Walters.

The Elmton also serves a variety of food besides pizza, including wings, chili dogs and their famous broasted chicken.

One may ask, what is broasted chicken?

“What a broaster does is, it’s round vat with oil in it. It’s (chicken) dropped in there, sealed under pressure, and it is cooked in about nine minutes. And what it does is, it cooks the chicken, any product we put in there from the inside out, so it does not absorb oil,” said Walters. “And when it comes out, it’s crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.”

For those craving fried chicken, but are watching what they eat, broasted chicken is a great option.

“It’s low in carbs, it’s low for your cholesterol, it’s very good,” said Walters.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, The Elmton is currently only doing carryout and delivery orders.

“We’ve gotten through the mills closing dow, we’ve gotten through the recession, and we are getting through this (the pandemic),” Walters said . “If it wasn’t for our customers supporting us, we wouldn’t be here.”

To place a carryout order, you can call (330) 755-8511.

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