CANFIELD, Ohio – There’s a unique local business that’s helping to keep people strong as they age while making it quick, easy and fun.

Husband and wife owners Bill and Jane Haven say OsteoStrong in Canfield is just the place.

“OsteoStrong is a unique place to come to strengthen your skeletal system,” said Jane. “You know, the foundation of your body, which is your bones, your muscles, your joints and your tendons. And you can do it in 10 minutes, once a week.”

But is it really possible to get results from visiting just once a week?

“We use a proprietary technology that is, that increases your bone density, while at the same time increasing your muscle strength,” said Jane. “It helps to improve balance. It helps to improve posture and athletic performance, all in 10 minutes. Without any sweat, without any fatigue.”

Bill says Jane was able to reverse her osteoporosis back to osteopenia in about a year or so after visiting an OsteoStrong location in Cleveland.

“We wanted to bring this leading-edge technology to the Mahoning Valley. To help people out here. So that was really what was behind our decision,” said Bill.

And the beauty is, anyone can benefit.

“Anyone with a skeleton can benefit, but a lot of our target audience is people with low bone density, osteoporosis or osteopenia,” said Jane. “Anybody with joint and back pain.  Anyone who really just wants to improve the quality of their life. Somebody who wants to live better.”

OsteoStrong also does gift cards as a great gift for the holidays.

OsteoStrong is located at 6579 Ironwood Blvd., #4, in Canfield. Call (330) 272-9636 or visit them online. You can also find OsteoStrong on Facebook.