CANFIELD, Ohio – A local business owner is doing something a little different with a fun giveaway for the community.

Mike Owens is the owner of Owens Construction in Canfield. He’s teamed up with Elyte Performance to give people a chance to win a vehicle.

“I wanted to do a giveaway. I wanted to do something with people where they can get into maybe winning a one-thousand 110 horsepower XP 2023,” said Ownes. “I teamed up with Johnny K Powersports in Niles and said let’s do a giveaway. I see online a lot of people doing these giveaways and stuff, but I don’t know if they’re really legit. So I wanted to make it legitimate.”

Owens created merchandise like hoodies, t-shirts and phone wallpapers.

“What you can do is you can buy those and that helps you then enter into the competition of the entries to win the vehicle,” said Owens.

But what exactly is an XP 2023?

“It’s a very fast 4×4 machine. They can climb mountains. They can go through the water. It does a lot of stuff. And it’s really fast,” said Owens. “You know, it’s actually going to be coming with a hood and a cool light bar that lights up for the back so you can see them coming. Pretty cool.”

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