HOWLAND, Ohio – Making the decision to take control of your fitness and health is easy when you choose Axio Fitness.

So much sets Axio Fitness apart from other gyms or fitness facilities. First, Axio Fitness has six locations: Youngstown, Poland, Canfield, Cornersburg, Warren and Howland. And get ready Columbiana because Axio’s seventh location will be opening soon.

What also sets Axio Fitness apart is the personal touch you get.

“Axio Fitness is really a personal experience. So, what sets us apart from a lot of different gyms or wellness facilities is that everything is one-on-one,” said owner Erin Mellinger. “We offer a lot of different services, but it’s all private. It’s all customized to our particular clients’ needs and wants and goals.”

Axio Fitness offers primarily private personal training that takes place in your own fully equipped training room. They offer the ever-popular stretch therapy where a trainer will manually stretch out a client based on any aches, pains, prior injuries, or surgeries. Axio also offers nutrition with dietitians on staff who will sit down with you and personalize a nutrition plan for you.

There are also some great specials for the holidays.

“Our special for the holidays is 12% off of 12 sessions. So those sessions can be used for private personal training, stretch therapy, or private visits with a dietitian,” said Mellinger.

To learn more about Axio Fitness watch the video above. Call (234) 236-4296 and visit them online at