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Alternative hair boutique in Sharon that’s inspired by owner’s own hair loss journey


She opened Very Best Little Hairhouse a few years ago right in downtown Sharon

SHARON, Pa. (WYTV) – Debra Heim is a retired nurse who has taken her personal experience with hair loss from alopecia and decided to open an alternative hair boutique, to provide people a comfortable place to shop for wigs or now more commonly referred to as alternative hair.

Heim has been wearing wigs and top pieces for about 18 years. She opened Very Best Little Hairhouse a few years ago right in downtown Sharon.

“When I found my first real, like hair pieces that I could be confident in, you feel like you could take over the world,” said Heim.

For years, she worked on creating a place where people could find expertise from someone who knows their struggle.

“Trying to find wigs that don’t look like wigs, let alone a place to shop for them, or let alone a place to shop for them where people actually know them because every time I shopped at a wig store it seemed like I’d ask a question about a wig and they would go ‘oh I don’t know, I don’t wear wigs.’ So, this store is a combination of my thinking for several years of exactly how a wig store should be,” said Heim.

Her store has so many choices of alternative hair pieces in various cuts and colors. You can also choose between wigs with real hair or synthetic hair.

“When someone comes through the door, I kind of assess them. I look at them, their face shape, they tell me kind of what wig they’re going and from then it’s a process of elimination. I bring some wigs out, however many it takes and they say, ‘well I like this, but this is too shot’ so, I pull out another one from there and we find the wig that, you know, works the best for them and they know it, because you can see their face light up and stuff like that because their happy,” said Heim.

She also has great options for men that are experiencing hair loss.

“Today’s hair pieces for men are nothing like you have seen. I have the German catalog over there. I mean, the pieces take your breath away, they’re so realistic looking. And I know if I was a young man and I had hair loss, I would be very interested,” said Heim.

Heim inspires others and says that hair loss should not be something people should be ashamed of.

“I don’t understand why it’s a source of shame, it shouldn’t be. Nobody did anything to deserve hair loss, but for some reason, women really feel ashamed of it and they don’t want anyone to know they are wearing a wig. But if you come here, no one will know you’re wearing a wig, ’cause I promise you that,” she said.

Due to COVID-19 regulations, appointments are required to visit the boutique. To make an appointment, you can call (724) 815-9556.

Very Best Little Hairhouse is located at 7 E. State Street, Suite 206 in the First National Bank building in downtown Sharon., directly across the street from The Winner.

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