(WYTV)- Do you know anyone who has gone to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

It’s not easy to get into MIT.

But if you can, you should come out with a great education, a terrific alumni network you can use, and you can also be a pirate, you know, peg leg, patch on your eye, parrot on your shoulder pirate. MIT can award you a Pirate Certificate.

MIT made it a real certification program in 2011 from its Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation. Some 354 MIT students and alumni have so far received certificates at a spring ritual called Pirate Induction Day.

MIT gave actor Matt Damon an honorary pirate certificate. The biggest part of the pirate challenge is getting into the appropriate courses, they fill up in minutes, only around 50 students a year.

You must pass courses in pistol or rifle accuracy, archery, of course, sailing and fencing.
And sailing includes passing the swim test.

“The certificates from the ‘swashbuckling’ Institute, are printed on parchment and they affirm that the forenamed “‘salty dog” is entitled to this pirate certificate ‘with all its privileges and obligations thereof.'”

Now you can put pirate on your resume.